Escape Rooms And Team Building

Escape Rooms And Team Building

Escape Rooms And Team Building

24 January 2018
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Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular as team building activities for companies. An escape room is an experience that puts multiple people into a locked room and gives them glues to help them escape. They range in difficulty and themes, but they are consistent in one thing: making people work together. Here are some of the reasons that escape rooms are gaining so much popularity as a team building activity. 

Working Together

The best part of an escape room is that employees are forced to work together to solve a problem. Even though they may be having fun, they are communicating with each other and using critical thinking skills to find a way out of the room. After your employees work together to solve a problem in the escape room, they should be able to work together to solve other problems at work a little more easily. Increased communication skills are also valuable in just about every area in a job. 


Escape rooms are just plain fun! Some companies will hire someone to come in and talk to the employees and do some exercises. Most of the employees are only there because they have to be. Most of them are probably talking about other things or looking at their phone. Escape rooms are way more effective because they are way more fun. Many escape rooms have exciting themes, and it's customary to have a celebratory drink afterward! The employees want to be there, and it forces everyone to be actively involved. 


Many companies will divide employees into teams to see which team escapes the fastest. This sparks some healthy competition between employees and encourages everyone to work their hardest. Even people in the same room will have competition with their teammates to determine who solves the clues first. This is particularly important in performance-based fields, such as sales. And the best part is that it's just a game, so it won't hurt anyone's feelings if they lose. 

Leadership Abilities

You will be able to learn more about your employees after seeing how they perform in the escape room. You will see if someone is not a team player or who has a bad attitude. Even better, you can see who can take control and be a leader in the group. This is the person that you want to consider for future duties at work that might require a leadership role. 

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