Throwing A Country-Western Party: Four Decor Ideas To Consider

Throwing A Country-Western Party: Four Decor Ideas To Consider

Throwing A Country-Western Party: Four Decor Ideas To Consider

15 January 2018
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Whether you are throwing a country-western birthday party or a wedding with a country theme, having the right decor pieces in place can create the right look for your event. Work with your local party rental company to get all the items you need, and consider the following options to give your party the country-western feel you want.

Hay Bales

hay bales can actually serve a wide range of purposes at your party. They can be used to create a border for your dance floor, giving guests a place to sit as they wait for someone to invite them to dosido, and they can also serve as seating in your main dining area for a fun touch. Use the bales throughout your event venue as decorations, or use them as building blocks to create unique designs at the entrance to your party.

Wanted Poster Photo Booth

Photo booths are always fun at parties, but you can make this idea even more exciting with a wanted poster photo booth. Work with your party rental company to rent different photo booth accessories, such as cowboy hats, western-style women's dresses, and a few fake six-shooters. Your party rental company can also provide a wanted poster photo backdrop for this idea. Some companies may even have other country-western photo booth options to choose from, such as a saloon setup or a replica of a sheriff's jail.

Gingham And Bandana Accessories

To add to the authentic look for your event, rent table linens in gingham and bandana prints. You can pair a gingham tablecloth with bandana napkins, or you can even ask for chair covers in one of these prints to create a unique look at each table. Bandanas can also be used as decorations for your table centerpieces to make a fun style statement.

Watering Holes

You may not have horses at your party, but you can certainly use a horse watering hole as a party decoration. Rent large galvanized steel tubs to be used as drink coolers, and fill them with ice to keep canned and bottled beverages cold. This adds an authentic look to your party while also providing a way to keep drinks cool and ready for guests. Consider adding a stuffed pony or horse doll at each one to add a playful finishing touch.

Talk to your party planner about the different options available, and rent event decor items from your local party rental company to make your country-western event a happy hoedown of an evening. For more information, visit websites like ENDESIGNSLLC.COM.

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