Hosting An Upscale Backyard Barbecue: Three Ideas To Consider

Hosting An Upscale Backyard Barbecue: Three Ideas To Consider

Hosting An Upscale Backyard Barbecue: Three Ideas To Consider

9 January 2018
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When you want your backyard barbecue to be a more upscale event, there are many ways you can outfit your yard to create the perfect party setting. Whether you are hosting a glamorous Fourth of July party or a birthday barbecue bash, here are some ways to take your event to the next level.

Pavilion Tents

Provide shade from the sun and define your seating area with pavilion tents. These tents can be placed on the concrete in front of your garage to create a seating area that's set apart from the lawn, or they can be placed on the lawn to create a lush backdrop for your meal. Choose long tents that provide ample coverage for tables and chairs, and add a few smaller tents to cover the buffet tables where you will be serving food.

Rent Buffet Tables And Chairs

You may have stacks of card tables and folding chairs in your garage, but this type of seating doesn't necessarily create an upscale look. Instead, rent long buffet tables and plastic folding chairs for the party. The plastic chairs will stay cooler if they will be exposed to sunlight, and long tables make it easy to seat a large number of guests together for a communal meal. Talk to your party rental company about renting chair covers and tablecloths to complete the look for your party. Tablecloths in gingham or checkered print give an elevated picnic vibe to the event, and solid-colored chair covers to match the tablecloths will complete the look.

Paper Lantern Lights

If your party will last until after sunset, consider adding paper lantern lights to add to the upscale look of the party. These lights can be hung inside the pavilion tents to keep them illuminated after dark, and they can be hung along fences to create perimeter lighting for your yard. Ask your party rental company about different color options for the lights. You may be able to select a color scheme that matches your party theme, such as red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. You can also stick to cream or white for a more traditional look at your event.

For large parties, consider hiring a party planner to help coordinate the catering, party rentals, and invitations. The less you have to plan, the more time you have to enjoy your upscale backyard barbecue with all of your guests. For more information, visit a website such as

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